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Ecotourism and Community Based Projects

The lack of mass tourism has resulted in a large number of community based projects which feature development of places of interest by the local people.

Villagers are trained as guides and money raised is used for village projects and in some cases simple accommodation has been built.

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Text Box: Discover Ghana Tours are actively supporting the development of the rural village of Tortibo near Akosombo in the Eastern Region

One of our Partnership Schools has raised money to build a much needed kindergarten school which has now been handed over to the  Education Department 
The next step in the development project is to raise income levels in the village by promoting projects and encouraging ecotourism.

We feel that many visitors to Ghana will find a visit to a rural village is one of the 
most enjoyable  memories that they take away with them. 
The day can be structured to include your chosen activities

The Kindergarten School

UK students teaching

The Grass Cutter project

Text Box: The Volta region also has many such projects although they have been actively encouraged throughout Ghana. 
We regularly visit Xavi in the Eastern Region where you can take a canoe trip and watch a cultural performance by the school children
Xavi VillageText Box: The  Buoyem Conservation Project in the Kumasi region has bat caves and it is mentioned in the UN Report on sustainable Development.   Find the Web link  Buoyem Conservation Project on our links page
Uckfield Community Technical College is helping Buoyem to further develop its ecotourism project and also to raise the technical skill levels of the local people 
making gari

Making Gari

Buoyem Guest House

Relaxing in Buoyem guest house

Text Box: Tortibo village is about 5kms along a rural road, from Akosombo the site of the famous Volta Dam

Most of the village houses are made from traditional mud bricks. There is no running water although electricity should be connected in the near future.
Local villagers will take you on a guided tour around the village. 

You can then make your own piece of tie dye material, watch the traditional glass beads being made and you can make your own jewellery
If you like you can help to prepare and cook your own lunch from local produce and even go to the local market to buy the ingredients 
We can also arrange African drumming lessons or maybe you would like to spend time in the village school
Text Box: How You Can Help —  just visit the villages and support their enterprise

By visiting and supporting local ecotourism projects and benefiting the local economy, you encourage the continuation and protection of the local culture, history and traditions of these communities. 

When you visit these villages local guides will show you around the village and any income from your visit goes directly into supporting the community and encourages the villagers to maintain their environment and culture 

In fact just by arranging a visit with Discover Ghana Tours you are helping as we are a Ghanaian owned company and we employ local drivers, guides, use local businesses and support ecotourism and Fair Trade Ventures

       Learning how to Tie Dye                  Teaching in the Primary School

Beads, Drumming Cooking etc

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