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We can set up links with Universites, churches or other interest groups and help you communicate and arrange visits, both to and from Ghana.

Many people who are of African descent like to visit Africa and discover their ‘Roots’

Ghana is rich in places to visit in connection with the African Culture and the Slave Trade.

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For those people who want to find out more about the Diaspora, Ghana is  a natural choice to spearhead the research into the slave trade and tell the real story of what happened.

There are many well preserved Slave Forts, Castles and trade posts that were used in the transportation of the slaves still existing in Ghana.


Ghana today is a beacon in Africa of good governance: Ghana is the example of the capacity of the African to manage his/her own affairs in a decent, humane, disciplined and respected manner.

Ghana has struggled and continues to struggle for the full emancipation and dignity of the African peoples.

. The Black Star of Africa inspired and drew inspiration from the fight for the full emancipation of Africans in the Americas, especially the Civil Rights struggle in the US in the 1950s and 60s.

Dr. Martin Luther King attended Ghana’s Independence Day, March 6th, 1957, and made no secret of its impact on him.


It is in Ghana that the remains of the late W.E.B. Dubois and George Padmore are interred.

African Heritage Tour

Over the last 5 years Ghana’s historians and archaeologists have been carrying out a major project to identify the “Slave Route”; those areas where captives were hunted and the routes by which they were marched to the coast.

Our tour will allow you to understand a little more about what happened at some of these locations and also to understand and experience how Ghana’s present day culture has developed from its rich African History

Accra— The De Bois Centre

                Kwame   Nkrumah Memorial

                Freedom Arch

                The National Museum     

Cape Coast— Elmina and Cape Coast Slave Forts

                             Assin Manso

Kumasi—  Kumasi is rich in the Ashanti Culture and in memories of the Colonial Struggles


Northern Region— Salaga Slave Markets and Gwollu Hideout


A Rural Village & Naming Ceremony— Tortibo near Akosombo



A Typical African Heritage Tour could include:-

2 nights Accra—De Bois Centre

                                 Nkrumah mausoleum, Freedom Arch  Museum

3 nights Akosombo— Tortibo village experience Naming Ceremony and a visit to the Volta Dam

Flight to Tamale

2 nights Salaga & The Walled Town of Gwollu and other Hideouts

3 nights Kumasi  Royal Mayhan Palace, Kumasi Fort and Cultural Centre and the Cultural villages

2 nights Cape Coast—Slave Forts   Kakum National Park  Assin Manso 

Elmina FortIndependence Arch

Independence  Arch

Kwame Nkrumah MemorialAssin Manso

Assin Manso

The slave river where slaves  who had been marched from the north of Ghana had their ‘last bath’ before entering the slave forts at Cape coast

Salaga Slave Market

Salaga Slave Market

Where slaves from Burkino Faso & Mali were sold to traders to be taken to Cape Coast

Dubois Memorial Centre is a research institute for Pan Africanism and it houses a museum and library


Kwame Nkrumah Memorial

Cape Coast Fort



Elmina and Cape Coast

Slave Forts

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