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We started our School Partnership Program in 2001.In 2002 we organised 3 school visits by UK students and teachers to their Ghanaian Link Schools. These UK schools have continued to visit Ghana every year and they have been joined by other schools with new links. We are also able to help with organising visits to Ghana for schools who have established their own links 

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We Can Help You With Your School Partnership

If you have set up your own link we can assist you with:-

· your students / teachers visits to Ghana

· Visits to the UK by your Ghanaian school


If you would like to set up a link, we can:-

· find you a Ghanaian School to link with

· help you set up and maintain an educational link

· organise visits by staff and students—both to and from Ghana


School Partnerships

It is not difficult to think of good reasons to set up a link with a school in another country. The effect on pupils, teachers, support staff, parents and the wider community is immeasurable for both the countries involved.

At the same time, there are also many potential pitfalls and such projects can involve a lot of hard work.

In order to help schools to avoid these problems and to ensure that their work is not wasted we have developed a structured framework for partnerships that can help to make these sustainable.

We Can Help You Plan Your Visit To Ghana

Risk Assessment

·  We work closely with authorities to ensure that you risk assessment is in order

·  Bookings are made through The Travel Adventure so your money is held in bond and you have adequate liability insurance

Communications With Your School

We can make sure that communications run smoothly by

· visiting your school to help them produce the work for your projects

· taking work between the 2 schools

Planning & Organisation of Trips

For all trips we will:-

· arrange your transport

· book hotels

· help you plan your visit & itinerary

· give advice on visas, medical matters and visiting Ghana


If we are arranging your link we will also

· help you plan  a complete package for your visit

· ensure that you have a knowledgeable Discover Ghana Representative with you throughout your trip

· come to your school to talk with staff and students

· assist with maintaining your school link

Discover Ghana minibus

Learning about cocoa

Batik making at Cape Coast

Visiting Bobori rainforest

Helping a rural village

A Real ‘Life Changing’ Experience

After going to Ghana my perspective changed somewhat and I changed my University degree from geography to Social Anthropology so I could study other cultures in detail!

An old school friend who also went on the trip changed from studying Maths at University to studying African Studies. 

I went to Sri Lanka last summer and volunteered on a teaching programme.


Uckfield student 2003

I spent much of Friday afternoon looking through the pictures of our Ghana trip on the school shared work. 

They had such a wonderful time!!  …and I have never seen KB speechless before in my life, but he was at a loss for words to describe the experience. DD said how much they loved you and how great you were with everything. 

Thank you so much for making my dream come true.  Pupils were still in tears when they arrived back at school to pick up their Art exams. 

You have given us all so much! 


From a teacher at Dorothy Stringer who had set up the link ..



We can help you organise your trip with suggestions for activities & places to visit.

Voluntary Work and Opportunities For  ‘Gap Year’ Students

We are developing a program for people who would like to undertake voluntary work in the local villages.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements by email or phone the UK number

Where are The Projects ?

Your base would be in Akosomobo (in the Eastern Region) and from here you would be able to visit or stay in Tortibo or the local villages during the week. 


Other Arrangements

We would  have discussions before you go to make sure you are fully prepared to undertake your project and that you know a little about living in  Ghana.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements:-

email or phone the UK number

How You Can Help

 We would personally plan the program for you and we would arrange all your transport, accommodation and voluntary work. 

This would mainly based around helping in the primary and kindergarten schools and with the ecotourism based projects.

The standard of rural education is poor and the local MP and Paramount Chief are particularly keen on improving the situation

Buoyem joint visit to a rural village

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