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Ghana is a fascinating country and as it is not a package holiday destination, its possible to experience  the real culture in the everyday life of Ghanaians and there are many festivals throughout the year

 Ghanaians keep their culture and crafts very much alive

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Fair Trade—does it really work ?

 Ghana is developing Fair Trade exports and it is possible to visit banana plantations and cocoa farms which are participating in the scheme Talk to the workers and discover how it works for yourself !

African Culture—Spend a day in a rural village

It is possible to arrange for you to watch or participate in, many African activities such as African drumming and dancing and cooking local dishes.

 You can personally try your hand at printing material using traditional tie and dye or batik skills or participate in glass Bead Making and making your own jewellery.

Specialist craft villages can also be visited from Kumasi.

Ghana is rich in culture and there are many festivals throughout the year.

OK Fair Trade Bananas

Processing bananasCocoa Pods

Kuapa Kokoo

It is possible to visit the OK Banana Plantations while you stay in Akosombo

These supply Fair Trade bananas to UK supermarkets such as the  Co-op, who also are involved with Fair Trade Cocoa from Kuapo Kokoo 


Kuapo Kokoo is a farmers cooperative who have received help from Comic Relief to set up a coco marketing structure

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Wild Life

 Ghana does not have the large herds of animals found

in East Africa but there are many great opportunities for

 you to have some really special experiences.

In the Northern Region at Mole National Park you can easily see elephants but you will have to get up at dawn and go on a foot safari to see them!






The Northern Region is a very rural area which is much drier and has different vegetation. compared with the rainforest regions in the south

Bobori has the river Boumfoum flowing through it and on your walk to its seasonal waterfalls you might be luck and catch a glimpse of the rare bare-headed rock fowl as well as some of the other forest birds.

See full size image

Birds and Butterflies

Ghana is recognised as having a number of unique habitats which show very high levels of Biodiversity.  If you are an enthusiast we can help you organise your own group visit

Even the non-specialist with a pair of binoculars and sharp eyesight will be fascinated by the wildlife

Go to this link to read a report of an expedition to the Atewa Range Forest.

Bobori Forest Reserve has a butterfly sanctuary but it is possible see  butterflies in many parts of Ghana. New species are often being identified 

Beautiful birds can be seen throughout Ghana.  Mole park is a dry savannah region which is well known for its birdlife and As you travel east from Accra there are several important breeding grounds for migratory birds and these marine wetlands form the  Songor Ramsar site.

Abyssinian Roller

Text Box: Ecotourism and Village Enterprises 

Many villages have initiated cooperative groups who work together to produce and market goods 
These include whole villages which are developing as Ecotourism destinations, women’s tie dye and batik making groups, agricultural cooperatives and craft producing villages. By selling directly to visitors you can be sure that the money goes to those people who have directly  
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