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Developing links is very rewarding for everyone concerned but often communication difficulties make it hard to maintain meaningful links.

We at Discover Ghana Tours can help to coordinate your educational program by supporting both the UK and Ghanaian Educational Establishments.

We can also assist with links between Universities, Church Groups etc

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Text Box: Some Examples of School Partnerships
Weald Of Kent Girl’s Grammar School and Krobo Girl’s Secondary School

This link was also set up in 2002 and they successfully applied for the British Council Global Curriculum Grant which supported 3 years of curriculum work working on joint projects and exchange visits for  students and teachers from Ghana and the UK .

The curriculum projects were in English and drama, environmental science and geography. When teachers and students visited the UK the geography teacher brought a video of his cocoa farm and he presented it in a lesson which he taught to the UK students.

Joit discussion group

Joint discussions

Text Box: On the last trip a joint visit to the village allowed the students to see rural village life at first hand and the UK students had prepared lessons which they taught to the primary school pupils

The Weald of Kent has raised money to build  a kindergarten school in Tortibo, a nearby rural village.

Tortibo Primary SchoolLearning a Ghanaian Dance

      Fashion Show in Krobo School              Learning a Ghanaian Dance           Tree Planting to mark the partnership

The fashion parade

Hazelwick School’s first trip in July 2002  involved a small group of students who had been actively involved in trying to set up a link with Ghana. In December of the same year another group visited Ghana and this has progressed into a very successful link with visits from the Ghanaians to Crawley and joint Drama productions have been given both in Ghana and in the UK.

The UK teachers have also built up the tradition of teaching a lesson in Ghana –often to a class of more than 60 pupils.

Hazelwick School Crawley  and Aggrey Memorial Zion School Cape Coast

Hazelwick have also raised money to build a kindergarten school in a village called Surveyline. The school is finished , but not without problems and the students have learnt some hard lessons. 

This is the report on their 2006 trip - taken from Hazelwick’s website


The fifth group to visit Ghana and consisting of sixth form students, staff and a Governor has recently returned from that country. The visit included renewing contact with two villages, Xavi and Survey Line, in the latter of which we have been funding the construction and equipping of a nursery school. The group also widened its links with the Aggrey Memorial School on the Cape Coast of Ghana and our curricular links with that school are becoming diverse and powerful to the point where we are close to embedding them within the wider curricular life of Hazelwick. By this means, all pupils will have opportunities to explore a completely different set of experiences and issues that represent aspects of life in Ghana.

This visit is, for many who take part in it, a life-changing experience. It is a contribution being made by Hazelwick towards a better understanding of the global issues that face us all. It also enables students here to widen their perspective on what is of real importance in their lives. I hope that all families will continue to support those whole-school activities held from time to time in order to

generate further funds for this immensely valuable project.



Ghana Trip 2007    www.hazelwick.w-sussex.sch.



Ghana Trip 2008

Hazelwick and Aggrey have now been awarded the British Council Curriculum

Grant which has funded visits by both the UK and Ghanaian teachers and students

Uckfield Community Technical College and Dorothy Stringer School Brighton have links with schools in Kumasi

Uckfield CTC and Kumasi Armed Forces Technical Schoolwith assistance from Same Sky undertook an amazing project by producing a Street Carnival procession in Kumasi


In 2007 the educational focus was a Fair Trade Project They visited the OK Fair Trade Banana Plantation in Akosombo and then with 25 students and teachers from Kumasi, stayed in the village of Buoyem. This village has developed a sustainable tourism program which the students at Uckfield have raised money to support. All the students visited a cocoa farm and on returning to Kumasi were given a talk by a representative from the  Kuapa Kokoo Fair Trade Cocoa  Group.

Ghanaian students and teachers visited Uckfield in July 2007 and took part in MUNGA (Mock United Nations General Assembly) in the UK

Carnival PIC

Dorothy Stringer School and Kumasi Senior High School

Investigating butterflies at BoboriLearning about Cocoa

The Real Learning Experience

Learning about Coco—but not out of the text book


                 A Butterfly Project in Bobori Reserve







            Time to go home  - but with so many memories and life changing experiences

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