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Cape Coast

Planning your Trip

You probably have a focus for your trip so we can help you plan your detailed itinerary.

Whether you are organising an educational visit with a link school or a special interest visit, we can suggest an itinerary to compliment your program

Kotoka International Airport


You will fly into Kotoka International Airport in Accra

We will escort you throughout your trip

Text Box: Ghana has many interesting experiences to offer the visitor and we can plan your trip to include as many activities as you have time for.

Cape Coast:  Historical Forts and Golden Beaches

The restored slave forts at Cape Coast and Elmina are World National Heritage Sites.

 A visit will leave a lasting impression on you, as will the 40m high canopy walkway in the rainforest of  Kakum National Park.

You can spend a morning making your own batik by the beach at the foot of Cape Coast Castle

This session is run by Global Mamas, a Women’s group in Cape Coast

Kakum NP with its 40m high Canopy Walkway 

Batik making


Make time to relax on a golden beach for a few hours or treat yourself to an overnight stay in one of the beachside hotels.

Travelling westwards along the coast from Accra you can choose the standard of accommodation but there is always a stretch of golden sand  and a local fort to visit.

Elmina Slave Fort

About 5hrs travel by road from Accra, is Kumasi the second city of Ghana. 

Historical heritage and rich culture can all be found as you make your way through

a busy modern city visiting the Culture Centre, Manhyia Palace, Kumasi Fort and

Prempeh II Jubilee Museum It is an excellent centre and whatever your interests

you will be spoilt for choice for places to visit or spend a night or two.


Local craft Villages

There are numerous nearby villages specialising in crafts such as pottery,

 wood carving and metal work.

The famous Kente cloth is woven in this area.

Try your hand at making tie and dye fabric or stamping it with the Andinkra designs.  

KUMASI  The capital of the Ashanti Region

ACCRA is a busy and fascinating capital city with a mixture of traditional African Markets and modern buildings.

There are many places to visit including National Monuments, Museums and Cultural Centres.

You could stay in Accra or in one of the nearby beach hotels or just spend the day.


There is an excellent craft market near the airport where you can buy many different souvenirs

Most of our trips spend some time at AKOSOMBO by Lake Volta.

You can visit the Volta Dam and local markets as well as a rural village where we have projects which support the local schools

From here you can also visit the OK Fair Trade Banana Plantation and a Pineapple plantation and enjoy a boat trip on the river

Enjoy day trips which can take you to Aburi Botanical gardens or the ancient Shai Hills wildlife sanctuary.

The Krobo region is also famous for making beads and you can visit the markets and also see the beads being made in our village.

The Region around ACCRA 

    Discover Ghana Tours

Ghana is a Country of Contrasts.

There are the busy cities of Accra and Kumasi, bustling with people cars and market vendors and the contrasting mud huts and simple life of the rural villages.

The birds and butterflies of the Tropical Rainforests and the Elephants in the savannah

Fantastic cultural festivals and the dark past of the Slave Forts.

The cool green hills of the Volta region and the lagoons and sands of Keta

Luxury hotels, simple accommodation or an ecotourism village guest house.

The Choice is Yours…..

Text Box: Climate
Ghana stretches from the Tropical Rainforest of Atlantic Coast to the drier Savannah of the North                             It has a tropical climate with temperatures around 30oC throughout the year  
The rainy season is between April and September with the north being drier
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